"Meet the String Family"

Grades K-2; 3-5

This program is designed to introduce the stringed instruments of the orchestra (violin, viola, cello and string bass) in a workshop format.   The children have the opportunity to participate in the program in various roles.

After a brief introduction of the instruments, we demonstrate basic elements of musical expression such as melody, accompaniment, rhythm and dynamics.  We also emphasize the emotions inspired by the music and include music familiar to the children as well as examples from the classical repertoire.

Because of the interactive nature of this program, we ask that the maximum number of students per performance be limited to 80. 

This program is ideal for an all-purpose room or classroom setting with the children seated around us. 


Fees: 45-50 minute program     .  .  $750.00*

          30 minute program for Grades K-2   .   .  $500.00*   (minimum of two

* Each additional 30 minute program      .  .  $250.00